Charts and Trends

All charts on this page are tracking Scottish Parliament opinion polling since the Referendum. Once we’re further into 2016, I’ll stick to polls tracking the campaign period. The diamonds in each chart represent individual poll results, whilst the lines are tracking the average result of the last five/three polls.

Constituency Polling

Constituency Ref 2nd May Constituency 16 2nd May

Regional Polling

Regional Ref 2nd May Regional 16 2nd May


Seats Ref 2nd MaySeats 16 2nd May

Single Agency Polling

Ipsos MORI Trend 25th April

Panelbase 28th April TrendSurvation 2nd May TrendTNS Trend 24th April

YouGov Trend 11th April

Party Polling By Agency
SNP 2nd May Labour 2nd May Tory 2nd May Green 2nd May Lib Dem 2nd May UKIP 2nd May RISE 2nd May